• Model and Rig a Dynamic Fan Tutorial

    Model and Rig a Dynamic Fan Tutorial

    In this tutorial you will learn how to model and rig a dynamic fan, which can interact with (in this case Hair) or any dynamic object that you wish.

  • Growing Atom with MoGraph

    Growing Atom with MoGraph

    In this tutorial we learn how to create a growing atom effect using MoGraph and the Plain Effector.

  • How to Sprinkle a Cupcake

    How to Sprinkle a Cupcake

    In this tutorial I explain how to use Thinking Particles and Dynamics to achieve various ways to sprinkle a cupcake. These methods can be applied to various project ideas you may have and feel free to share any videos / ideas/ comments/ that you may come up with!

  • Thinking Particles Abstract Plant

    Thinking Particles Abstract Plant

    This is a tutorial on how to create an abstract form via thinking particles and Xpresso. Please feel free to leave any comments/ feedback/ or ideas that may arise while viewing.